Bespoke Commissions

Shown below are some examples of specialised commissions, with approximate sizes and prices.  


"Karen's Frida-Maid" Acrylic on panel 
Medium-Large (approx 400mm X 500mm, from $1000)

Karen wanted a painting of Frida as a mermaid, and gave me a list of details to add into the composition, including the octopus, the whale tail, starfish in the crown, a seaweed shawl, purple butterfly, and some Kate Bush lyrics.  I adore this piece.








"Kerry's Family Portrait" - Acrylic on 3 ply panels,
(from $2,000, frame not included)
This symbolic painting tells a story through time, from childhoood through to marriage and family, through imagery which is highly personal and meaningful to Kerry and her family.  This was a dream commission! 
In Kerry's words:
"Thank you so much Helen, I could never have imagined how absolutely amazing this would turn out.  Your style was perfect for capturing the key times / influences in my life (and my random thoughts).  It was a beautiful journey of memories, self-realisation and whispers of anticipation for the future.  You have such a unique gift for capturing another's heart and soul - making precious memories timeless. Xxx" 



"Beth's Family Portrait", (and details) acrylic on panel

(Approx 600 X 450mm -  from $2000, frame not included)

Commissioned by her parents to celebrate Beth's 21st birthday.  Capturing loved ones, pets, and details unique to Beth, this was a co-creation, brought together in this wild and wonderful family portrait.  I just love this painting!



"Jac's Iceland Painting", (and details) acrylic on panel
 (Approx 600 X 450mm -  from $2000, frame not included)
Jac has visited this country and fell in love with the landscape, the colours, and the stories of the 'little people' - or hidden people - of Icelandic folklore.  My task was not only to portray the beauty and the colours of the countryside - but also to somehow capture the essence of the little people - without actually painting them!  Jac solved this problem by suggesting I paint some of the tiny houses into the lanscape.  These little houses are built by humans to honour the little people, and can be found dotted throughout the country.  It was also my first time painting Puffins.  
"Lindsay's Flowers" - Acrylic on ply, 400mm x 500mm, (from $600).
Lindsay commissioned me to paint a bouquet of some of her favourite flowers.  Each flower holds special meaning for her.  I love the process of balancing out the flowers - flower arranging - in a painting.

 "Sue-Ann's Flowers" - Acrylic on ply panel, 40cm x 50cm, (from $700)

A bunch of some of Sue-Ann's favourites.  I enjoyed the lighter palette with this one, and the sweet addition of the snail to embellish.