Portrait Commissions

The following portraits showcase some of the kinds of portraits I have painted and drawn - from the traditional to the more quirky.  I've added approximate sizes and prices, to give you an idea of quotes.

"Alex",  acrylic on canvas,
Medium size (approx 300 x 400mm), from $500



"Cam, Kelly-Ann, & Coco", watercolour on paper,
Small medium size (approx 300 x 300mm) from $330



"Frankie, Pisces Child", acrylic on canvas
Medium size (approx 400 x 400mm) from $500
To celebrate Frankie's first birthday, weaving some of the personality traits of the Pisces child, along with some of the flowers associated with sign, into this joyful painting.


"Janita" - watercolour on paper
Small size (approx 148 x 210mm) from $220


"Daley, Plant Goddess", coloured pencil with acrylic paint highlights on paper, 297mm x 420mm, from $550.

This commission was a delight to create, weaving together Daley's love of plants, combined with her natural beauty.