About me

Hello, and thanks for stopping by.  I'm an artist based in the picturesque village of Crows Nest, Queensland.  I can't fit my art into a box; there's more than one tangent.  From small highly detailed drawings through to larger painitngs, I mostly work in vibrant colours. Since completing a Bachelors Degree of Visual Art with an Illustration major (Queensland College of Art, 1994), my work often follows a narrative thread, and I like to work in series.  Inspiration comes from the unlimited Source - dream visions, music, lyrics, a line of text in a book that stirs me, people and their stories, symbolism and archetypes, imaginary worlds, the patterns in a leaf, the magic of a seahorse, the tiny details in a flower, the colours of life and the layers of meaning, the seen and the unseen.   

"True Colours" - Acrylic on panel, 2018 (Sold at exhibition).